I help organizations thrive. Yours can too.

My work is devoted to shining a new light on the way we lead and engage people.

There is a better way forward—one that not only embraces humanity but also allows for its full expression.

Why does it matter? Because this is the key to incredible and sustainable success, for everyone involved.

We have known for many years that emotional intelligence is a reliable predictor of career success, much more so than IQ and it doesn’t stop there.

The benefits of cultivating and leveraging emotional intelligence include improving self-perception and self-expression—increasing our ability to develop and maintain social relationships, and growing our ability to cope with challenges.

Invest in yourself and develop skills that will help you at home, at work and in community as we continue to make our way through unprecedented times.

Read my blog post about emotional intelligence.

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Even over video conference, Christine challenged us to more courageous leadership

Portrait of Amanda McLean

I first met Christine when she facilitated an in-person round-table discussion for HR professionals: How do we take our leadership to the next level when we move from director to executive?

Christine’s authentic and informed teaching compelled us to invite her back the following year, where she introduced us to Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead material. Facilitating this time over Zoom, Christine was equally present, engaging our group with the material and prompting healthy discussion and growth.

Even over video conference, she challenged us to more courageous leadership. I look forward to working with Christine again!

Vice President, Human Resources
Young Life of Canada

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Here is a general outline of how I will approach our work together.

An authentic, respected, experienced, and strong leader

Mike Desjardins headshotAn authentic, respected, experienced, and strong leader
I have known Christine for over 10 years and have had the opportunity of collaborating with her on work focusing on two primary areas: leadership and culture.

I have come to know Christine as an authentic, respected, experienced, and strong leader. I saw her lead a cultural transformation across a Canada wide organization. In the midst of challenging change initiatives, the organization’s engagement scores rose to 86%, following a positive trend over three years. This level of engagement stands out in enterprise-sized organizations and was recognized in The Achievers Top 50 Most Engaged Companies. This accomplishment has a great deal to do with Christine’s leadership.

The fact that she managed to accomplish this while simultaneously renewing eleven collective agreements across seven provinces and rolling out a company-wide values program, all the while doing her “day-job,” is quite a feat.

I can sum up her energy and passion for her work with a statement I made to her recently, “Very few people get the opportunity to create value at this level of HR on a national scale in their career, let alone have them happening in such a short timeframe. It’s impressive.”

Driver (CEO), ViRTUS


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