Stacey Morton
Marketing Consultant
Christine is the “Un-Coachable’s” Coach

I didn’t need a coach…at least that is what I thought. As a person who considers herself well adjusted, successful and overall happy, the concept of coaching really did not resonate with me.  I was not a critic, in fact, I know many people who have benefitted tremendously from personal and professional coaching, but I did not think there was value in the process for me and honestly considered myself “uncoachable”. How wrong I was!

It turns out that no matter how well adjusted, successful and happy you are, working with a skilled coach like Christine Maassen can provide a deeper understanding of your motivations, decision making process and value system. I now realize that getting to the root of these areas has a huge impact on how I evaluate opportunities and has led me to make professional choices that feel more rewarding than any I have made in my 20+ year career.

I absolutely loved our coaching sessions and found myself thinking about my career and life in general, in a different way. It’s so rare to have the undivided attention of a highly intelligent, insightful, kind and hilarious individual, who is impartial and focused entirely on your success. At the end of each session I felt understood and validated and pleasantly challenged. Time with Christine is invaluable and a gift I recommend all professional give themselves. Especially those who think they are “uncoachable”.