Mike Desjardins
Driver (CEO) – ViRTUS

I have known Christine for over 10 years and have had the opportunity of collaborating with her on work focusing on two primary areas: leadership and culture.

I have come to know Christine as an authentic, respected, experienced, and strong leader. I saw her lead a cultural transformation across a Canada wide organization. In the midst of challenging change initiatives, the organization’s engagement scores rose to 86%, following a positive trend over three years. This level of engagement stands out in enterprise-sized organizations and was recognized in The Achievers Top 50 Most Engaged Companies. This accomplishment has a great deal to do with Christine’s leadership.

The fact that she managed to accomplish this while simultaneously renewing eleven collective agreements across seven provinces and rolling out a company-wide values program, all the while doing her “day-job,” is quite a feat.

I can sum up her energy and passion for her work with a statement I made to her recently, “Very few people get the opportunity to create value at this level of HR on a national scale in their career, let alone have them happening in such a short timeframe. It’s impressive.”

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At the end of our coaching journey, I have a better understanding of what is important to me, what I want more of in my career and my life and I have made concrete steps to make changes in my life that reflect this new clarity.  That is not to say the journey was easy, nor that everything is smooth sailing now.  She helped me see that we can build a story about ourselves and hold on to it long past its “best before” date.

Christine’s approach of being a booster but still asking tough questions, of providing support as well as space to grow and reflect were what helped me over a hill that I thought was an unscalable mountain and helped me create a new narrative for my life.

A portrait of Meghan (Holmberg) Smith
Meghan Smith
VP People & Culture (Toronto)

Christine is truly the best executive coach I have ever worked with. If you are thinking of investing in a coach, Christine should be the first person you reach out to.

Christine is empathetic and truly listens. She challenges you to think differently and makes you ask yourself the really tough questions. She also has a strong understanding of how relationships and organizational dynamics work, and helps you get the most out of them.

Christine is an incredible human being and coach. I can’t thank her enough for her support and guidance over the years.

Jonathan Korol
President, SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts

I can personally attest to Christine’s qualifications as an organizational leader, strategic partner and executive coach.  Our Company operates in an industry – hospitality – where success is achieved by harnessing “human capital” to provide the top-notch services, amenities and special touches that are valued by our guests. Christine’s skills have been instrumental in allowing our organization to mobilize our Associates to provide value to our guests while delivering returns to our investors.

Christine has a passion for people. This passion permeates her interactions with everyone in the organization, whether they be executives, front-line associates or guests. Within an executive team, I’ve witnessed Christine’s ability to communicate this passion while understanding the demands of a business and keeping up with the concerns of its stakeholders. Her recommendations are practical and realistic within the context of an organization’s available resources.

I unequivocally recommend Christine’s services as a leadership coach and strategic partner to any firm that understands the value of bringing humanity to work!

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Christine set me on a journey that changed my life. She pushed me to realize that the only expectations I need to live up to are my own, and that I should never be around anyone who makes me deny who I am.