Jonathan Korol
President, SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts
Christine has a Passion for People

I can personally attest to Christine’s qualifications as an organizational leader, strategic partner and executive coach.  Our Company operates in an industry – hospitality – where success is achieved by harnessing “human capital” to provide the top-notch services, amenities and special touches that are valued by our guests. Christine’s skills have been instrumental in allowing our organization to mobilize our Associates to provide value to our guests while delivering returns to our investors.

Christine has a passion for people. This passion permeates her interactions with everyone in the organization, whether they be executives, front-line associates or guests. Within an executive team, I’ve witnessed Christine’s ability to communicate this passion while understanding the demands of a business and keeping up with the concerns of its stakeholders. Her recommendations are practical and realistic within the context of an organization’s available resources.

I unequivocally recommend Christine’s services as a leadership coach and strategic partner to any firm that understands the value of bringing humanity to work!