Karley Cunningham
Big Thinker, Growth & Creative Strategist | Big Bold Brand
Christine’s years of experience in both operations and HR set her apart. She’s actively lived the challenges her clients face.

Christine has a gift for holding space that allows people to open things up, dig in and explore the issue, very quickly and effectively. She has a unique way of asking questions, and challenging you to look at your beliefs and the story that you’ve created to assess if they’re true, and if they’re serving you, so you can move forward.

Her years of experience in both operations and HR set her apart, because she can look at things through different lenses. She’s actively lived the challenges, and her lived experience and practice is more valuable than just theory. I’ve worked with a coach who’s read the articles but not put theory into practice. What was often missed were the nuances, the humanity and the emotions that come into play. Christine offers experience that is far beyond book-smart. The approach and background she provides is a much more human, integrated experience.

I came to Christine with a very specific challenge, which was a block around hiring staff and growing a team. My narrative was flawed, one-dimensional and rooted in fear. That narrative and flaw was keeping me from growing my business and looking at future opportunities. In just a few sessions, Christine was able to help me gain a very different perspective, open up insight into opportunities, and get me unstuck.